in this area, and depending on the time of year, you can practice various types of sports, such as canoeing in Las Hoces del Duratón, skiing in La Pinilla, ballooning in Segovia, cross-country skiing or snowshoeing in Navafría or horse riding in Grajera. In addition, you can also practice cycling or hiking on the multiple roads that leave our town, without having to hit the road.

In this area you can practice various sports, such as canoeing, skiing, horse riding, cycling or hiking, depending on the time of year. Near the B&B there are some trails that leave the town, without having to hit the road. Below we detail sports plans that can be done and their corresponding link:

Bike routes in Castilnovo County

Alpine Skiing in La Pinilla

Nordic Skiing in Navafría

Horse Riding Valle de Riaza

Canoeing routes through the Hoces del Duratón

Walking Routes Hoces del Duratón

Enebralejos Cave

Balloon Tours Segovia

Paragliding in Arcones

The Jet of Navafría